How it Works


Pick Your Day

You choose which day you want us to make the deliver. You may schedule multiple delivery dates for multiple parties/events.

Pick Your Meals

Our catering menu offer mouth-watering variety, including proteins and sides. Each menu item is designed to serve 4 people.

Pick up from your porch

Your cold-packed cooler will be waiting on your doorstep by 6 am on your chosen delivery day. Simply follow the instructions to heat in a microwave or an oven! No mess, no stress.

Like having a personal chef!

You tell us what you want, and when you need it. Simple as that.

Z.E.N. Classics Catering is a chef-prepared, catering meal delivery service that offers delicious entrees and sides for the family gathering or special occasions! Our nutrient-packed menu are freshly-prepared and can be heated easily. Simply schedule the deliveries on the days you want, and we will do all of the work for you!

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Looking for a meal plan?

Goal oriented meal plans for losing weight, gaining lean muscle, improving your health or detoxing… with Zero Effort!

Calorie controlled, nutritionally balanced meal plans, designed by nutritionists, prepared fresh and delivered to your door daily to help you achieve your goals. Low carb, low sodium options available.

Why Choose Z.E.N. Classics

1. Delicious & Health Conscious

We craft a healthier version of restaurant quality meals that are prepared with your health in mind (NO deep fried and over salted foods!) and blast chill them to preserve their nutrients and freshness.

2. Chef-Made Fresh Daily

Your meals are freshly made daily by our chefs, cold-packed in temp-controlled cooler bags and delivered overnight to your door by 6 am on your delivery day. Simply refrigerate ‘til you’re ready to heat and enjoy.

3. Locally Sourced

Our top-quality ingredients are locally sourced from vendors such as Melissa’s produce, so they’re extra fresh for you and good for our local economy. It also helps keeping transportation costs and emissions down.