Steps we’re taking to address COVID-19

Here at Z.E.N. we cook meals fresh daily, for our friends, our families and our clients. While many people feel anxious about leaving their homes to go to the grocery store or restaurants during this time, we want you to know that we are here as a alternative.

Over the last 12-years, Z.E.N. Foods, the creator of Z.E.N. Classics, has served Southern California with strict food safety protocols. With the threat of the Coronavirus, we want to assure you that every Z.E.N. Classics meals is prepared and served to the highest standard because our customers’ safety and health is our number one priority.

We are complying with all guidance from the CDC and healthcare professionals. Our high standards for food integrity, safety, and cleaning practices are diligently enforced.

From the moment our ingredients arrive, and through the cooking and preparation process, your food is never exposed to harmful elements. We protect our fresh foods during preparation with stringent temperature control.

Once our food is cooked, it is then blast chilled down to 34° within a 90-minute period. This is to not only prevent any food borne illnesses but also ensures the freshness of the food. Then everything is plated in a cold room at 34°.

Surfaces are sanitized between duties, and gloves are changed to prevent any cross-contamination. Cooler bags and ice packs are sanitized and disinfected everyday, and a zip tie is applied to your cooler bag for safety.

We follow safe and conscious food preparation guidelines, which include frequent hand washing, gloved hands and full protective chef coats, safety masks and hairnets.